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The Art of Scenting Your Wedding

Say “I do” to your signature scent

Wedding logos and party themes are so last season. The newest trend in wedding planning? Scenting. Yes - soon-to-be newlyweds are now using scent to create a personalized experience for their guests - and each other. 

Why scent your wedding?

Scent has the power to transport us to an exact time or place in our lives, and evokes memories, feelings and emotions associated with that moment in a way that no photo album or video could ever do. Plus, unlike other keepsakes, scent is practical and can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. There’s no need to sit down and leaf through an album or pop in a video to relive the memories. You can diffuse the scent at home whenever you want - on date nights, anniversaries or other special occasions. 

How to craft your scent

There are no rules here, but the idea behind developing a signature scent is to bring back or re-create a special memory for the couple. Think: first date, engagement or even a fun trip you took together. For example, if your first date was at a winery, then you might want to incorporate woodsy and masculine notes in your blend.

 Popular fragrances are usually in the citrus, floral and woodsy families. Couples can scent anything from their entire wedding venue down to the save the dates’ and invitations. Additionally, essential oil rollers or mini reed diffusors of your wedding scent also make a thoughtful and unique gift for guests. 


No idea where to start? Contact our Fragrance Consultants for a personalized experience.